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“If all you do is optimise & keep split-testing to make the numbers go up, it won’t be long before you’re selling pornography.” #EricRies #truth #leanstartup #leanux

User Memory Design: How To Design For Experiences That Last
By Curt Arledge

The two charts pictured above changed the way I think about thinking. Reproduced from a classic 1996 psychology study, the story behind these charts is a vivid illustration that the way we humans feel in the moment as we experience the world can be very different from how we feel when we think back on those experiences later. Understanding the difference between experience and memory — and the ways they are related — can make us more sophisticated experience designers.

Lean UX is an incredibly useful technique when working on projects where the Agile development method is used. Traditional UX techniques often don't work when development is conducted in rapid bursts - there's not enough time to deliver UX in the same way.
How Symbol & Group Resizing works, in detail
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at times can feel like a nation abandoned. The aching disrepair of its cities, the untamed foliage of its countryside, the orphaned coastlines - a half-century of isolation has wrapped the country in decay. Yet few places in the world brim with as much life as Cuba, a contrast drawn sharper amid its faded grandeur.
Winter may be officially over in the Northern Hemisphere, but that doesn't mean hot chocolate has to disappear from people's radar until temperatures cool again. For some of us, it makes for a viable alternative to coffee in the morning-with some serious sugar and cocoa kick.
If there's an example of a company about to disruptively innovate an entire industry, it's Tesla. Partly, this is because of raw technology--Tesla's is clearly superior to that of its competitors. Partly, it's because Tesla has a more efficient business model. As Slate recently pointed out, Tesla bypasses value-subtracting dealer franchises and universally disliked car salespeople.
With an ever-growing number of cool cafés, wine bars and shops, Prague's Karlín district is fast becoming a haven for the hip set. Its latest arrival, is Bistro Proti, a cosy corner eatery with a sleek interior inspired by the neighbourhood's most significant historical figure, engineer František Križík.
There are many reasons to hate flying economy. The tiny seats, the inedible food, the fees airlines charge for things you'd get for free in a medieval dungeon. Manon Kühne can't fix any of that, but she's has found one small way to make sitting in 17C just a bit less hellish.
Modern kitchen appliances can brew you the perfect espresso, bake a fluffy loaf of bread, mix a killer cocktail or even blend up a personalized smoothie-all with the press of a single button. So why not program them to cook a full meal? That's exactly what Boston-based company TNL Corp.
To be frank, Amsterdam's Koninklijk Instituut voor de Tropen, more informally known as the Royal Tropical Institute, is not the first place you'd think of for a lunch of pulled chicken marinated in hoi-sin and star anise. The stately Dutch Gothic Revival pile was designed by J.J.